Why I started bootcamps – Larry Meistrich

Nehst has been doing Aspiring Filmmakers Bootcamps for almost four and a half years. We’ve done them from coast to coast, north to south, and across Canada. I had a few reasons for establishing this program. I wanted to give back to aspiring filmmakers. Inside info, tips, and techniques I learned on the street are almost never taught in film school or in “packaged” film seminars. We give you the truth about the film business. We believe in Access – we want the pubic to be able to access our experience and executives. And we also want to access the public’s creative ideas and skills. In our bootcamps not only are you taught the principles of pitching your ideas, but you have the unique opportunity of selling them to us. Some Bootcamp members have impressed us enough to get hired to produce and direct feature films and national campaigns. Check www.filmboot.com for more info about those stories.

If you have an interest in producing, directing, acting, screenwriting, or crewing – this is the class I wish I had when I got into the business. People have told me it’s motivational and has helped them move their careers and projects forward. We have the current schedule listed in the column to the right. I really love going to different cities and meeting the filmmaking talent there. That’s why I started bootcamps.