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  • Exciting New Films from Nehst!

    Nehst Studios, in association with Diginext Films, is pleased to announce the upcoming releases of two new films that will be in theaters early 2015.

    Our first release is Pass the Light, which is a heartwarming family feature film. The film follows a high school student, who runs for Congress because he is disturbed by the message of hatred and intolerance espoused by the popular candidate. The film will be in Carmike Theaters February 6, 2015. For tickets and showtimes and more information, please click HERE.

    Our next release is the inspirational World War II drama, Anita B., which tells the story of Anita, an orphaned, young, Hungarian survivor of Auschwitz after World World II. Anita finds herself in a world trying to forget the painful past, as she looks to that past to give her strength, and build her own future. This film will be in theaters March 2, 2015. For more information, please click HERE:

    We are excited to start the New Year with these amazing new titles, that we hope you all enjoy!

  • Nehst’s Current Library Grows and Continues to Collect Accolades!

    Nehst is extremely excited about our new title that is available NOW for Download and Rental, Mr. Sophistication, starring “The Blacklist’s” Harry Lennix, as Ron Waters, who was the hottest young comic in Hollywood in the 90′s, and a personal protege of Richard Pryor. To purchase the Download or Rental, please click HERE:

    Running the Sahara has been selected by Competitor.com as an honorable mention winner of the best running films of all time. For all the running fans out there, you should check out this list of inspirational and astounding feats of human perseverance. We are honored to have the film in such great company. For the full list of great films, please click HERE: To purchase the DVD, Download, or Rental of Running the Sahara. please click HERE.

  • The American Nurse Heals Audiences Across the Country

    The American Nurse had great openings and attendance in Washington DC, New York City, Digiplex Theaters, as well as numerous locally sponsored screenings across the country. To see if the film is screening near you, please click HERE. If you are interested in hosting your own screening, please click HERE

    If you are looking to bring the film into your home, The American Nurse is also available on Download and Rental, and you can pre-order the DVD HERE:

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